Apart from carting drawers and odds and sods to another room, the room is almost ready for the decorator to wreak havoc with.

A small pile of books is bagged up for the charity shop. There might be more on the reverse sort out. In the bag there are some books that are dated fifteen years ago. They might be interesting for someone who wants to make comparisons with then and now.

I found a set of regional factory shop books. I wonder how many of the factories, let alone the shops, still exist. Those books could make a useful social/commercial statement of our times, over the last two decades, if anyone is interested in researching those factories and sales shops regions.

There were some books I didn’t even know I owned. To be more correct, I’d filed them away on the bookshelf to be forgotten. They are pristine. This batch is mostly cookery books or food type books.

Books, interesting ones I had genuinely forgotten about will now be read. There is the set of modern language Shakespearian works I bought hubby, Vera Brittan’s Testament of Youth in an original hard back (careful handling only), John Mortimer in various guises, also a book of ethics I should at least glance at. Time is what I need and time is what I shall have to make.

In-between the books were little personal family treasure troves, so tempting to look through, to lose present time in, to rejoin the times they came from.


0 thoughts on “TREASURE TROVE

  1. Vera Brittan! I love her! “Testament of Youth” is definitely my favorite of her writings, and one of my books that will travel back to Michigan with me. From abt. age 27-30 I studied WWII, and somewhere during that time I stumbled across this book. What a revelation it was!

  2. That would suggest you don’t have a great deal of family treasure or you are good at de-cluttering.

    I was thinking I might go for a metal filing box without the files. It might just do, though I am a little unsure. There may be lots more finds yet.

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it. I have this revelatory book and haven’t delved into it yet. This is one for my ‘must reads’ in the next wee while.

    I like her daughter – she’s well respected and a good and humane politician, a very intelligent person, in her own right – Shirley Williams.

  4. Ooh I know. I am zooming in on particulars now, when I am not side tracked by someone saying “You really should read this”.

    Most of the books that disappeared were cookery and food books never used and unlikely ever to be. There were some ever so out of date ones. I need to replace our Atlas the one I had was historic.

  5. I started a book just last night that has been on my shelf for a couple of months. I re-ordered it so I could read it th minute it came out, but it never got read. Sigh.

    I went thru my cookery books the other week and listed them on Amazon. Some sold, some didn’t, and you don’t get charged if they don’t sell, unlike eBay.

  6. That’s interesting to know. I haven’t tried selling anything on the net. I shall bear it in mind as I do have one or two curiosities that are surplus to requirements.

    The charity shops have been the main beneficiaries of my stuff, so far.

    I assume a percentage goes to Amazon if something sells?

    Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  7. I prefer to sell books on Amazon because all you need to do it put the title in, and they do the rest. Obviously they have a big database. With eBay you get more money (maybe) but you have to type in all the details about the book you are selling, AND put a picture in, or no one will buy it. Amazon takes a %age yes, and you don’t get anywhere near what you paid for the book, but it is enough, and the buyer pays postage.

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