It’s definitely thermal vest weather, duvet coat and gloves and a hat that does the job without needing to be chased after.

Thermal vest doesn’t seem to have made much difference; bet I would notice a difference though, if I took it off. Jumper over the top plus a ‘furry’ cardigan makes for a cosier me.

I met a friend today in town for a brief-ish hot cuppa. It’s just as well we chose different headgear. I have a hat the same as hers which I did actually use later on as my cheeky bright red beret was not quite cutting the mustard in the sharp edged winds and snow bursts.

Rain is threatened with warnings of black ice for tomorrow (Sunday). I can vouch for the fact that the temperature levels are Arctic here.


0 thoughts on “CHEEKY RED BERET

  1. You sound as if you have dressed and layered and dressed like me. I’ve been cosy with that arrangement too.

    Today, Monday, is a little less severe. There was heavy hail and rainfall through the night so most of our snow has gone.

  2. Yes, layers are good :>>

    Today is very bright – I’ve had to pull the curtain across so I can see the screen. We have about half the snow left on the grass, but it is gone on the drive and roads.

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