I trudged up the snowy hill carrying my grocery bags in either hand, hoping that my two little bunches of bargain flowers would survive the very low ambient outside temperature.

“What more flowers!” exclaimed hubby when he opened the door.

“They were reduced and looked so nice and anyway, I like flowers.”

“This house”, hubby said, “is beginning to look like a funeral parlour”.



0 thoughts on “WHAT, MORE FLOWERS!

  1. Mr Penry’s a bit like that. He rarely buys me flowers, preferring to buy plants ‘because they’re alive.’

    I remember reading somewhere that the definition of a cynic was someone who, on smelling flowers, looked around for the funeral 🙄

  2. I never used to like cut flowers in the house because they were dying. Then one day, I realised I would like some, so I bought some. I have continued to buy them, not often, but sometimes. I don’t know why I changed my mind.

  3. He might like the track too much 😉

    I’m hoping I might see the romantic touch sometime before February the 14the 2009. However, now I consider it, I may have overdone it and put him off. How can anyone compete with so many flower arrangements?

    Answer: I can

    Thought: Drop hints about different kinds of flower gifting.

  4. You must enjoy delicacy and beauty.

    If the flowers are already cut, in my view, let them have an appreciative home for the rest of their days. They are unlikely to live too long even in their greenhouses or whatever environment the flowers are grown in. I have found that pot plants can be as long or as short-lived as some of my flowers have been.

  5. They brighten my day too, especially at this time of year when our daylight hours are getting so short, the brightness and beauty of the flowers is so right.

    Even hubby noticed the lovely colours in the petals, this morning! Yay!! 🙂

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