While on the animal revival theme,(click the following & see ) Aunty told me that having found their goldfish a one-sided floating stiff in the fish bowl,that she had removed said fish and gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seeing signs of life returning, some warm water “was poured into a saucer together with a tot of whisky” into which mixture the pet fish was placed. Needless to say it got happily sloshed, and lived to see many, many more days.


0 thoughts on “HAPPILY SLOSHED

  1. I hate to ask this, but was the lamb more groggy than might have been the case,after lapping spirits. Revivial was obviously the important factor.

    I did see our neighbour trying to revive a big lamb, probably after a very difficult birth. The techniques he was using suggested congested lungs.

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