Following telephone call yesterday offering earlier appointments, got myself to the dental hygienist twenty miles away. She’d cancelled two so this change of tack was a novelty, one not to be missed.

Met an old friend for a quick lunch he invited me to; yet again, he had forgotten bring money (same thing happened a year or so ago). I think he was genuinely well-meaning, just a bit distracted. Anyhow, as lunch venue took cards and he had one of those, the treat was still on him. I treated him to a luxury Belgian chocolate drink, an overload of cholesterol on top with baby marshmallows and a shake of cocoa and I had a black coffee. I felt saintly!

Next, tootled off down the town and bumped into a very old acquaintance who was looking really well for the first time in twenty years. Main reason, he’s had a new hip, (he’s still young-ish) the other is to be done. Next time I see him, I guess he’ll be minus his trusty walking stick and be able to rush off in the opposite direction. 😉

Visited a couple of ladies, the eldest fell asleep after the exciting part of the discussion had passed. Said she’d been listening in all the time.

On my way back to the car park, couldn’t resist the best little jeweller in the county. At this time of year the shop takes in a whole range of original gift ideas. I couldn’t think of anyone for the beautiful wooden magnetic chess set, nor for the multi-coloured solitaire marbles on a lovely circular wooden board. I did get two items though, both metallic gift wrapped with bow flourishes for Xmas pressies, at no extra cost.


0 thoughts on “NOVELTIES – NOT TO BE MISSED.

  1. I’d have said bugger good behaviour and gone for the hot chocolate with extras! :>> Glad you got your dinner paid for though.

    I love all the gift ideas at this time of year – and I also love shop wrappers. I’m rubbish at it myself.

  2. Thank you Chris. I would be lying though if I accepted full marks for self-denial. The cholesterol overload on top of the chocolate drink (from a gas can) did not appeal to me in the least nor did a drink of chocolate. It is just not my tipple. The additional sprinkle of cocoa powder was the final ‘screw nose up’ covering.

    Yes, I felt saintly, who wouldn’t, however, it was an easy good point that was gained.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    BTW my machine told me I was static; that’s okay. See what next week brings.

  3. Sadly, if I had taken your advice on the chocolate with extras, I’d still be there trying to excuse myself from drinking it and the cream would be a flat bubbly mess. Chocolate drinks are not for me, nor is chocolate powder, let alone shoving it on top of grotty gas whipped canned cream and mini square marshmallows.

    Now give me a pack of round white and pink marshmallows all on their unadulterated ownsome…then you’re talking my language 😉

    Yep, I’m pleased dinner was done and dusted as it was meant to be. 🙂

  4. I rarely drink hot chocolate outside the house. They never do it properly. You always get nasty dregs in the bottom. And I also hate pretend cream. My sister used to actually //buy// the stuff – can you believe it? Yeuch. I don’t particularly care for marshmallows either, although the children like them.

  5. I was once shown a treacle like chocolate drink, probably melted chocolate of some kind. It still didn’t turn me on. If I have chocolate, my kind of chocolate, it has to go in my mouth hard and melt once there.

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