I thought about posting but then my mind went blank.

It must be the thought of the re-installation of all the things that fitted into cupboards. The decorator has finished and the furniture is being put back in situ, all of that has probably overwhelmed me. It reminds me what it is like to move house. What an upheaval!

Now I’ll have to dream up escape activities while the floor in the living room is being sorted. Let’s hope there won’t be too much dust flying about on the nice fresh decoration.

One good thing, I have been occupying myself at the kitchen table most evenings while the T.V has been wrapped in dust covers, writing up a lot of my greetings cards as well as wrapping some of my packages. I guess I am on top of the seasonal agenda. It’s the non-seasonal stuff that is a bug bear.

…Off to do a bit of cleaning up, ciao, ciao.


0 thoughts on “CIAO CIAO

  1. I do sneeze. The damp cloths are out in force and I’ll do a bit of floor wiping just to keep any working mess down. Today, I have to think about what is in and what is out. A bigger task than you would have imagined.

  2. Oh Menhir when i readed “Ciao, ciao” i thought you were fed-up and going away from the blogland!! :))
    I didn’t do yet my Xmas tree πŸ™„ yes, it’s about time to do it!
    :wave: sleep well xxx

  3. It is not much fun. It might have been a bit easier if I could have timed the main sort on the way out, the rest, now not minor, on the return journey after the first clean.

    I’ve got through three drawers so far, and am now sorting through videos I didn’t know I had. Cupboard contents are next. πŸ™„

  4. Well, at least it is giving you the opportunity for a good clear out and getting ridof ‘stuff’. My house is ful to the gunnels with junk I shall not use. It is too daunting a task just now though.

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