I’ve been sorting through videos, cassette tapes (yesterday’s technologies)and have just heard, from a friend, that my camcorder did not have the right type of socket for copies of its little video tapes to be put on to DVD’s via his computer. What a pain!

It’s okay while I have a VCR for the videos both larger ones and the little ones from the camera. The cassettes are okay while I have a working cassette deck etc. It is family history that I would like to transfer to newer media. If not, the next generation will have to do it, if it survives.

I haven’t even started yet on what came out of the main cupboards and I still have to go through the books again. That stuff is all in boxes in another room and will have to be removed ever so soon as the room’s occupant will be home to occupy it.

Tonight, I shall go to bed tired, but knowing I have sorted out three drawers plus all the other bits. I even played a 1960s cassette tape; Lonnie Donegan, My Old Man’s a Dustman; now there’s clever phrasing, gentle innuendo, nuance and amusing humour that a few of today’s pathetic so-called comedians could learn from.



  1. I am still being greatly irritated by people such as Marcus Brigstock, justifying what happened to “some old man” tonight, as part of his satire (heaven help us!) and in another part of the same programme – a 6.30pm. slot on the radio, S M – (whipping noises in the background) taking naughty BBC to task, except it isn’t. The suggestion is it has titillated. This stuff has passed editorial scrutiny. We’ve applied the off switch so often it is hardly worth listening let alone thinking about watching anything vaguely non-serious.

    The arrogance of the BBC and its broadcasting employees, tells you it believes that a minority of complainants held the high moral ground 30,000. There were a lot more who did not get counted who felt equally as affronted.

  2. I sometimes go to BBC radio comedy shows when they are being recorded. (Yes its sad, but they are free to get in and sometimes there is good material that doesn’t make it to the show itself.)

    I once saw half the audience walk out at the interval, but the ‘sound’ of the laughter did not diminish at all – they seemed to be playing tapes to fill in the sound when no-one was laughing, and there was a section of the audience who were clearly BBC staff or their pals who seemed to have mikes pointed at them and the sounds of their fake titters were amplified back into the room.

    They really can be a cynical bunch where their public is concerned.

  3. I find nowadays that I start off with the best of intentions (i.e. to watch tv or listen to the radio) but often end up switching off in despair when I find little worth listening to. I like to be entertained, most people who know me say I have a pretty wide and wacky sense of humour and don’t offend all that easily…. but lately the ‘humour’ I hear seems to belong in a toilet. Or better still, flushed away….:yes:

  4. I used to go to recordings when I was within reach of the recording studios in Portland Place. I had the pleasure of seeing many of The Navy Lark recordings, I saw The Glums, once I think,I attended a couple of the Gala concerts, one at Golders Green theatre, (I don’t know if it is still there) and another at Camden Town. That theatre is something else now. I got a really buzz, enjoyment out of the performances. I wouldn’t dream attending any of the coarse stuff that purports to be humour, today. I wouldn’t give it my valuable time.

    Your experience of witnessing half the audience leave a recording of a show is very interesting. Yet, as you say, the arrogance and cynicism of the BBC blinds them to what they are physcially being shown and told.

    That organisation, it super egoed ‘entertainers’ editors and producers, need a bigger overhaul and shock than it has had to date.

  5. …flushed away, I would certainly agree with that Tylluan. What we are being offered is a regular diet of turds, sewage of all sorts, and hard core verbal indecent exposure.

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