:zz: This morning, I was so tired when I awoke; well, half awoke. I lay for a bit, trying to decide whether it was still too dark to be thinking of waking up.

It was definitely a case of going to bed weary following a really busy day, moving back into a room! (It’s not finished yet). Starting with a zero audit is the most difficult bit. You wouldn’t think so, but it sure takes some self-discipline to discard knick knacks that have some sentimental feature.

I can’t complete the job till the floor is sorted. I am thinking of the housemaid’s knee I have from old fashioned manual washing and wiping of what floor there currently is. I am thinking of the cupboards I have vacuumed inside, then externally wiped; the shelves, window sills and surrounds I have cleaned, and now, all the items I have un-boxed, polished and put in their places.

After all that physical effort, there will be wood dust churned up by sawing and fitting. The refurbishment is happening all the wrong way round! It’s not the order in which I would have arranged the work to progress, it was however, the only way to get the floor work started.

There has been another spur to action, sprog is threatening to visit home for Christmas and very soon. Sprog’s room has to be returned to its minimalist order. Our clutter which has been stored in the room, must definitely be elsewhere.


0 thoughts on “TWICE DE-CLUTTERED !

  1. Hiya,

    Time to continue ‘moving in’ today has been little. The room has been comandeered for floor work. I think there’ll be another couple of days for that. It’s fiddly stuff now and we don’t know if there’s enough wood to finish the job! (Another possible delay).

    Some of the things I may not restore to position will have to be found space for elsewhere. Like my cupboards, the house doesn’t have rubbery expansion. That problem really does take some thinking through. Still, it is not of the magnitude of some difficulties.

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