I ordered some chocolate products by mail requesting the delivery for today.

Excellent delivery, the chocolates arrived on the specified date. šŸ™‚

One little plastic box of enrobed coffee beans is prettily presented. :yes:

The packs of dark chocolate drops are only 54% cocoa solids, which I guess suits most palettes, but not mine. They could have been a pick out of a pick -and- mix. They look so dull in their nondescript little plastic bags. I’ll liven them up with stick-on shiny rosettes.

The box of chocolates, the most expensive item; the box is a utilitarian cardboard brown container with a lid that does not tightly close. Loose product crept into the bubble wrap that was used in posting the box. I have applied sellotape to secure the lid. :**: The final flourish is one of my purple rosettes to make the presentation a bit more special.



  1. So do I as a rule, but this is a company based about 40 miles from home and I thought I would support relatively local enterprise. Aunty had swooned over chocolates from this source that she had tried a year or so ago. I made a mental note and ordered some as part of her Xmas gift.

    I don’t think I will repeat the exercise. Their delivery dates were spot on but I wouldn’t be happy sending anyone what I received, direct, apart from the one item that was presentational.

  2. I do hope so RDW. I’m working on presentability at the moment.

    I Can’t vouch for quality. I try to find 75% cocoa solids or higher when I am gifting and this mail delivery doesn’t really cut the mustard for me.

  3. uhm… I have a no.1. sprog who will be giving me an opinion following many years of research. This is a person who likes 99% cocoa solids. I can manage quite well with about 85/86%.

    The box of chocolates, tarted up with a rosette, is going to aunty, whose desires got me into this circle of fun to start with.

    I have twiddled some bits of metallic ribbon to make the plastic bags of dull looking chocolate buttons appear a little more festive.

    That apart, understated presentation needs to be a bit cleverer than these goods appeared. A re-cycled brown cardboard box with the necessary legally required internal coverings, (they might have been omitted otherwise)is not appealing. Excuse me for saying this, but my re-cycled loo paper is more attractive to the eye.

    From now on, I shall stick with my tried and trusted quality outlet. My previous one, based in Lewes in East Sussex, retired from business some years ago. That contact knew how to sell and present chocolate.

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