There are so many simultaneous events at present, apart from the impending midwinter festivities, that I find separation of thoughts quite difficult. Thinking of those happenings is also upsetting, but then certainly, some of them have been momentously disturbing.

The Vicki Hamilton case has now been resolved, but not without great pain to those who cared about this young girl. Baby P is in the forefront of many peoples minds. I hear that blue balloons are to be set off in his memory, nationwide, as a way of expressing mass mourning for his suffering and death at the hands of the people who had parental responsibilities for him. Shannon Matthews; she has suffered at the hands of people who were entrusted to care for her. Her mother and her mother’s relationship contacts. Fortunately, Shannon’s case has a better ending, but what damage has been done to this child, also her siblings, all of whom will be the victims of the behaviour of so-called responsible adults.

It is easy to be distracted by other delightful arrangements just now, Christmas lights, gift creation, and so on. Although I am keenly aware festivities can also be a stressful time for people. With increased hardships this year, there may be higher numbers of people feeling the pinch.


0 thoughts on “MOMENTOUS EVENTS

  1. I wish people would find a better way to mark the passing of children than with letting balloons off. I wonder how many people are aware of the risks to wildlife with all the balloons floating about the place, and also the risks to aircraft? The money would be better spent on Ronald McDonald hospital houses, for example, and would reap a better reward for other children who do have a chance at life.

  2. Many fair and interesting points PD. It is nearly always the case isn’t it, the unintended consequences of mass emotion are never thought about. It is always after the event that they may be considered, if they are.

    Nevertheless, there are people who do genuinely feel they need to express what they feel in a ritualistic manner. It is a pity that the rituals haven’t included obtaining donations to children’s causes. I wonder though, if a cause was being supported, whether the level of response would be the same.

    I’m sure there are ways in which both issues could be successfully addressed,for example, a little pin, badge or similar, which people could wear, the cost of which (hopefully not much more than a blue balloon)would include money for a cause such you suggest.

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