A post office visit with parcels for umpteenth time in several weeks, mostly seeing the same counter teller.

Haven’t you got a parcel for China this time then?” Was it sarcasm or real surprise.

Remaining oblivious (best way) I say, “These are for the U.K. and by the way, this one is fragile, look, I have marked it in red pen.” I pay for the postage and take the packages to the receiving area. The teller drops the parcels into the gaping sacks.

Excuse me, have you got any fragile stickers?” I ask.

I’ve got tape with fragile on it.” He says and retrieves my parcel from the sack.

I watch while the larger than life ‘FRAGILE’ tape is applied. The teller picks up the parcel turns to show it to me saying, “Is that alright for you then? and… promptly drops it!

Did I hear it bounce… everyone is open mouthed including the other tellers, one rolls her eyes. πŸ™„

This is truly the stuff that farce is made of.



  1. This, Tylluan, was a situation when the window counter screen protection was in the teller’s favour. It wasn’t many minutes before he bounced my parcel, that he’d asked if the postage covered the cost of insurance of the contents.

    I was so non-plussed, my jaw just dropped and I stood there disbelievingly, for what seemed like ages (probably wasn’t). Then a woman in the queue said, “you’ve got to laugh haven’t you, otherwise you’d cry.”

  2. The Post Orifice – so called because a lot of stuff disappears into a Black Hole! And of course the terrible twins, Parcelfarce and Royal Fail.

    I would wrap anything delicate as if it were going to be thrown from the back of a lorry.

    Because it very probably will be.

  3. πŸ˜†

    Everything inside the parcel was individually wrapped in bubble wrap, then again as a whole, then wrapped and outer wrapped. That’s why I think I heard my parcel bounce!

    But, yes, you are right, whatever care labelling goes on something, it is probably ignored. Not usually as quickly and as visibly as my package was, even before the extra labelling was affixed. πŸ™„ There’s no guarantee it can be read in any place or country it goes to. One can only hope that the red lettering creates a constructive ‘alert’.

  4. Hi RDW

    Answer: I don’t know yet. I shall wait to hear from the recipients. I have a reputation with them for sending breakables that have never got broken in the mail system. I hope this isn’t the first failure.

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