If you are a certain age, ‘subscribing’ means buying into something at a monetary cost.

On the other hand, if you are a certain other age, ‘subscribing’ means enlisting for, or signing-up to something for free.

Which of these groups might you subscribe to?


0 thoughts on “WHICH ONE IS YOU?

  1. Bit mixed, eg a monthly magazine for which I pay, but also to an intermittent service of internet information on varied subjects, eg news about eagle owls !

    One can also subscribe to a point of view I suppose.


  2. I also think “subscriber trunk dialling”, and recall the days when my parents got their new phone line – Windsor 983!

    But generally, I still think of a subscription as having a cost, even though I have loads of free ones over the web.

  3. Hi Lois,

    You are the first to purely connect in to the train of thought I had.

    There are some interesting perspectives on this question.

    I love the old phone numbers we ‘subscribed’ to. They went with the old heavy black bakelite clickety dial phones. I am trying to remember what my Great Aunts’ named phone numbers were; they were of a similar ilk.


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