Because our roads, when icy, are not gritted round the clock, a mother of four died this week. Leaving home about 05.30 in the midwinter dark, (before the first gritting and salting of the day, before the first public transport of the day) she started the drive to work for the early shift, hit ice and her car went off the road. About three hours later (08.30) just as it was getting light, someone noticed a car on its side in a field, stopped and went to investigate.

People do shift work day and night here as they do anywhere else, but here, the conditions can be cold, icy, exposed and stark. It appears to be cheaper to let people die, leave children without a parent, than keep our roads safe to use.


0 thoughts on “A COLD STARK TRUTH

  1. Tragedy.

    I know that it is quite impossible for the council gritters to guarantee every road is ice free at all times, given changeable weather conditions, thousands of miles of roads, etc. however it is still dreadful news that anyone is killed on the roads, whether it is a mother, child or single man.

  2. Granted; however a a main route was used for the area where the woman lived. Before cut backs, all main routes were salted and gritted according the the weather conditions that prevailed. Now the gritting and salting service run to a time schedule.

  3. We know why the roads were not serviced overnight – cut backs and sub-contracting. The two go hand in hand. The smaller roads that the council care for are usually dealt with as expected but they no longer have responsibility for the main routes.

  4. Again, granted. Central Government is where it starts as they have taken fiscal responsibilty for Scotland’s main roads. Until there’s a snarl up in central belt, (as there was with the previous contactors) they turn a blind eye. That has been the case with successive regimes.

    However, the other levels then follow through, for example the local authority. They were always better with the minor roads. However, they are tied with what they have been instructed to do with the’largesse’ they have been allotted.

    A life is cheaper to extinguish, it seems, than maintain the safety levels of gritting and salting that we had, even up to 12 years ago.

    Today, I hear that early this morning (again, early) there was another single car accident on one of the main roads about 25 miles south of here. Someone has been airlifted to hospital. We know a person who would have been taking that road at a similar time. We are wating for further news.

    …And so it goes on. What will the toll be this long Winter?

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