In my Christmas post I have an invitation, not to wait to feel great! Tempting or what?

If I go to the de-fatting club before the 21st December this year, I can join FREE and pay a reduced class price as well, in the new year. The classes will help shift the excess festive weight pounds while I pay the fat club the money variety of pounds. This is, they say, their very best offer…just too good to miss.

I could talk about the underlying assumptions this gift package contains, but I won’t. I could talk about large parts of the world trying to fatten up its peoples, while in the relatively wealthy part of the world that we are in, we are trying to take the excess fat off, but I won’t.

So, what shall I do with this exciting offer – there’s not much time to think about it?



0 thoughts on “JUST TOO GOOD TO MISS

  1. I can’t blame them for offering a service that is increasingly needed in this country, though, particularly at this time of year. Rightly or wrongly, this country is well-off and this manifests itself most clearly in the change in eating habits over the past few years and the consquent rise in obesity.

  2. It is cynical commercialism, in my view. I can’t blame the comapany either for taking advantage of opportunities that our way of life has presented.

    I literally bumped into someone who has regained a lot of weight she’d taken off since leaving de-fatting lessons. She was on her way to be weighed, having re-started the process of weight loss in early November. Her view of the current offer was similar to mine but we could both see the larger picture. 🙂

  3. That is really refreshing! I felt the same way at a personal level.

    The underlying assumptions are multitudinous, none of them I like very much. In any case, it’s a general mailshot made up from silent names in the database. I can see and understand where someone might respond, but this was personally addressed to me without any aforethought. So, yes, I share your response.

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