A major security issue has been identified with Internet Explorer 7, the most regularly used browser and the issue can also affect earlier I.E. versions. Other companies have been concerned at the manner and probably ease in which a system can be hijacked. Companies have put the alert into the public domain which means of course, Microsoft have got to work at a speed faster than light to get a secure patch up and running. Meantime, companies are suggesting that although other browsers may not be entirely risk free, it would be safer to use another browser rather than Internet Explorer.

The link to the warning is:



  1. Thank you very much M. for allert us, i am already turning off my PC and going…well, after finish to read the link you add, thanks for that,… to have an extreme carefull yes,
    I’m very worried too!
    xxx HUGS2U :wave:

  2. All right, thank you very much for the warning M. I’l tell my friends. But here on the Blogland I don’t know if they are all aware of it, i wasn’t.

    i changed it already, no more IE7, i’m using now the FireFox ( Mozilla )

  3. Hi Kiki,

    If you can, you might find it helpful to use Mozilla Firefox. There are other browsers, but this one is the alternative that a lot of people use. :wave:

  4. I am not sure if I have 7 or 8 but all I.E. versions are suspect at the moment.

    I haven’t explored Opera, but I know Firefox well. Defaulting will have to be the next step. I rarely use I.E for domestic stuff, however, various avenues default to it, that is what is more difficult to sort out.

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