Borders (the book shop people) cannot supply CD’s and DVD’s on the internet shopping site because their suppliers are in administration. Who are their suppliers? They are an arm of the Woolworths empire.

Of course there are apologies to potential customers and a statement saying that Borders are seeking alternative avenues of supply.

A general message here is that it is dodgy to give gift tokens or online equivalents, not just for now in the Christmas season, but for the foreseeable future. You,the purchaser, are at risk of becoming an unsecured creditor if anyone goes bust. Unsecured creditors are the last in line to be considered for any compensation and usually don’t get anything.

Up to recent days, Woolworths were honouring their tokens. If you have any, or have already gifted some, they need to be used up quickly, don’t wait for Christmas. Hopefully, you, or anyone else who has such vouchers can still benefit from them.



  1. Who’d have thought it? Thanks for the warning, Menhir!

    Maybe this will teach Borders not to treat smaller sup;pliers and publishers so shoddily.

    Who knows? They might even stock a better range of books! 😉

  2. Cheers!

    You’ll have some fun with the gift choosing by the looks of it.

    I often get asked that question by people who I feel could best hold on to their pennies, especially now, ” What should I give to…money, a voucher or something else?” Respecting their feelings, (I do sigh), and try and give an honest answer.

  3. What have Borders been up to that Smith’s, Waterstones et al, haven’t been doing?

    I don’t think the CD/DVD supplying arm of Woolworths was small, it supplied many businesses and was probably one of the better parts of the commercial arrangement of Woolworths. It is their suppliers I would be concerned for.

    The most interesting and varied new booksellers, familiar and not so familiar names, are to be found, I believe, in thriving university towns and cities.

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