The surf babes had quite a good morning, though I am not sure how safe it was out in the swelling ocean. We now have major storms.

Storms, force 11 to 12 with rain, do we really need to have the add-on, I think not, but we do, so there it is. The storm force wind is really noisy, the double glazed windows are currently withstanding the onslaught. The storm has been building up since 11am and speeding up. I wonder when it is due to pass.

There is no doubt there will be structural damage found with the current weather conditions. I still thank the builder who nailed down every tile on our roof over twenty years ago. No doubt, they’ll weaken in due course. Till then I live with the confidence that our major structure will, in large part, fare okay for now…

The ferries will not be running, they won’t even be trying. I do hope other boats and ships have put into the lee of some cliff line, a bay, or other haven, taking shelter.

Vehicles are going to be affected, especially high sided ones, which are usually delivery trucks, bridges are going to be closed. On high ground there will be fierce blizzards.

Santa’s sledge will be speeding, Santa could arrive at destination very early, too early, if Santa and reindeers encounter tail winds of the velocity we have tonight!



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