Over a coffee and fruit scone in one of our better cafés, hubby from behind his newspaper casually asked if I used XX-XXX perfume. I misheard and thought he’d asked if one of his relatives used it.

“There’s a special offer on for it” I stated.

“No there isn’t”

“Yes there is, I bought some for Susy-Sue, last week”

Hubby gives me a studious look; “I want to know if you use it?”

😳 I gulp my coffee.


0 thoughts on “OUT FISHING

  1. Er, yes. I already have some of XX-XXX perfume, eau de whatever, as yet unused, and some of the additional suggestions made, as well. I believe in sparing use rather than splashing stuff on as if I was having a power shower with it. It therefore, takes a good while to get through so many stored up bottles of ‘flavours’ I like.

  2. :)) nice one…

    I did watch Father Ted sometimes. Like so many of the sitcoms, it was very clever with layer upon layer of humour which said something incisive, just like the the quote you have given.

    The worst thing possible is to give cosmetics and perfume that are ‘out of order’. You have to know someone and their personal tastes very well in those departments.

    Have a great holiday and wishing you and yours a peaceful and healthy 2009.

  3. Not sure what XX-XXX perfume would smell like… sounds a little risque! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, Menhir. I’ve been meaning to drop by for a while. Hope you and yours have a blessed and a happy holiday season.

  4. Thank you – heartily reciprocated.

    I’m just off to sort out the washing up from our evening salad. Then I shall lay the table for tomorrow. That should be followed by a visit to give a gift.

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