Storm force 12 winds on Friday through to Saturday abated; some people lost electricity phone lines etc. I thought there would be a worse devastation scenario. Saturday was calmer only to lead into severe gales by Sunday. Monday morning, I heard that people had been without electricity supplies for several hours. The emergency re-connections could not be undertaken till the ferocity of the wind dropped.

Sprog’s train home on Sunday, hit a felled tree on the line, felled by the winds. It could not be seen in the pitch black dark night. Passengers were instructed to move into another carriage (probably the rear one of two). The train extricated itself from the tree and limped backwards some miles to the previous station.

The passengers were offered free beverages. They waited an hour and a half for bus transport to arrive to take them on to their various destination points. Twelve hours after starting out, sprog, weary but safe, arrived home



  1. Indeed, yes. Sprog is busy telling the story with a grin. Is that what you might call making light of it…I wonder. It would have been so easy for the train to have come off the rails, having collided, as it did, with the tree.

  2. Sounds as though you have had some particularly dire weather recently – even invoking cold weather payments from the Government, I understand ? Gotta be bad for money to be dished out. Pleased though that the outcome was far, far better than it might otherwise have been for your daughter.


  3. Weather has existed in all respects, apart from ice showers; that’s the preserve of N H and Massachusetts and I prefer that little experience to stay over that side of the pond. We have enough interesting weather fashioned for this part of the world.

    Certainly, the outcome for all the passengers on that train was far better than it might have been. It would have been a busy one with relatives and visitors arriving for the festivities. I spoke with someone today, whose mother-in-law was on the train. He hadn’t appreciated exactly what had happened and only took on board the potential gravity of the situation our respective relatives had been caught up in, when I explained it!

  4. All is well now, yes.

    I admire the presence of mind of the train driver, he kept things moving in all directions. The train staff looked after the passengers, when they themselves must have been under a strange type of pressure.

    Happy holidays wished to you and have a grand 2009!

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