My original thought was to add some fat balls to ma-in-law’s Xmas gift bag. Of course, I would have wrapped them up in keeping with the tradition.

Ma-in-law (M-I-L) is in a residential facility and has a bird table (a previous gift from family) placed outside the window of her room. She has always liked watching birds, feeding them, hand rearing weak ones, and she was quite knowledgeable about bird behaviours. I thought long and hard about dressing up fat balls and decided against gifting them in that way. M-I-L would not have mistaken them for anything other than bird food but I was really unsure how she would have reacted to finding fat balls in her present bag.

Instead of fat balls, I have borrowed the better half of a pair bright red socks from hubby’s wardrobe and stuffed into it a reasonable sized satsuma, a 50pence piece and some good quality mint chocolates that are wrapped in green foil and are presented in a festive clear plastic cracker with little decorations at either end. I have secured the top of the sock with red and green ribbons.


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