We had an early Winter, it blew in about six weeks early together with icy Arctic temperatures,hail balls and snow. This was accompanied by storms, thunder and lightening, gales and more odd weather.

Now, high pressure has been hanging around in the north of Scotland which made for strikingly good still weather over Christmas, though not necessarily bright. In fact a lot of the time it has been very dull indeed.

However, the sea has been good for surfing and at twilight on the 26th December there were 17 surfers to be counted playing in and riding the rounding waves that rolled in to the sandy shore.

Later, as we left a relative who lived near the harbour, it was pitch black night, the sea really roared as we walked away. Yet, it was calm and still in every other respect.

Today, the 27th December has been cold and quite bright. This evening we travelled back from the dark East to the edge of dark and light in the West with a burning red stretch of sunset falling away into the horizon.

There is a clear black sky, it is cold night. There are all the signs it could be a frosty one.


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  1. London is polluted with a range of electronic sounds which mask the natural ones. For all that, I do miss the sounds and sights of the city. It is nice to be able to take a bit of both rurality and urbanity.

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