Okay, what didn’t I do;

1. I forgot to served up the stuffing balls and after hubby having made them so beautifully. I shoved them in the oven and when ready they were placed into a nice warm serving dish. That’s where they stayed till discovered on Boxing day.

2. The Crackers are still in the box. Out of sight, out of mind. They’ll do next year, if I remember them. I could of course, put a few crackers out at New Year for first footers, if I don’t forget.

3. I went to a clothes sale today, I didn’t buy a thing. The DIY store sale wasn’t worth the bother of looking, unless you wanted a kitchen or bathroom.


0 thoughts on “MISSED CRACKERS!

  1. The stuffing balls weren’t too good. I would have done better to leave them warm and a little moist straight from the microwave. Instead I dried them a little under the grill, and all I can say is, it is not to be recommended.

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