I think my computer is trying to tell me something. I sat down in front of it preparing to send you all my very best New Year’s wishes and found my computer was switched off. Leaving it on standby, (or in sleep mode) doesn’t usually cause a shut down… no doubt seasonal gremlins.I haven’t even had a tipple yet.

In case of early arrival of new year well wishers – it’s a bit early for first footers – I’m going to nip off to get changed into something a little more party-ish than I am wearing just now. It’s all about getting into the mood and swing of things.

All I have to do now, is try not to get the makings of nibbles and dips onto my evening outfit. Wearing an old PVC pinnie with the stepping stones to getting tipshee with the cooking booze, spelt out on it, is not quite the top gear to wear methinks. So, I shall have to swan around creating and offering, with everything at arm’s length. That should be fun!



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