We had a hair-raising experience on the road last night. Apart from oncoming car lights, all around was pitch black and the wipers were working on clearing the rain from the screen. But for hubby’s quick thinking, I, or likely both of us would be waving today at all and sundry from another plane, possibly heaven.

The stupid irresponsible sod behind the wheel of the car overtaking a long line of cars at speed, a line of cars which were coming up to a bend round which he could not see, and very much on our side of the road, forced us to swerve off the road and into the bank at the left side of the road.

It is the weirdest thing to see four lights that are horizontally placed coming towards you. The lack of alignment didn’t immediately register. The brain and eyes seem to co-ordinate, but in slow motion. It is peculiar.

Only when drawing closer to the weapon of destruction, to meet our fate, did it click what was possibly about to happen. It was at that moment that we took averting action. There was not much space – inches- between the three cars, the one facing us still overtaking the car at the front of the line. We were seconds from a head on collision.



  1. At the time, we were fixated on the four lights; we didn’t talk about them but were were focussed on them. We’re used to seeing large heavy vehicles lit like Xmas trees from top to bottom on the narrow road, which is the lifeline road in our neck of the woods. However, the four lights were different but I think the hanging question was ‘how’? Only at the time or seconds after avoiding the oncoming car did we express our feelings, even then briefly. It was all unreal and surreal, yet, it was actually happening and had happened and likely in quicker time than we think we processed our thoughts and reactions.

    I have experienced time delay, apparent slow motion, visuals and reaction before, except that none of it is slow, it just seems that way. The experience we had yesterday, was much like that.

  2. Absolutely terrifying. The same thing happened to my dad once and he ended up unhurt in a ditch. That sort of braindead driving should result in a lifetime’s ban if the police could ever catch the idiot driving.

    No damage to your car?


  3. We diverted into the bank J-i-t, the bumper handled the damp soil on the bank. Fortunately, it had all turned from hard ice, which had pertained till lunch time, to a wet afternoon and evening. We didn’t therefore have additional potentially lethal conditions to deal with. Thanks for asking.

    If I could have seen a car type, let alone a number, I would have put in a report to the authorities. It was a diabolical situation.

  4. I am so glad you survived – it is too awful to contemplate what might have happened. I’ve heard other people say things like this unreel slowly and almost as if someone else is watching – but I imagine you must have felt shaky afterwards?

  5. Our immediate reactions were to take deep breaths, exclaim a choice phrase or two then briefly talk through what we’d witnessed and experienced. We fell silent. There was then for me, an enveloping sensation followed by a type of calm.

    We decided to stop off at the first eatery that was open for a take-away comfort nosh and our main meal of the day. We took the finger-eating meal to the car park and sat there munching it, talking about the food itself, the outlet and the good business it was doing, then headed off up the road to our own haven. Once there we talked more about the eventful journey.

  6. It happens round here all the time, with less favourable results. There is a local campaign going on just now to try and stop the local carnage, and many, many young people have lost their lives on the same stretch of road. So sad.

    I’m glad you came thru it unharmed.

  7. Thanks. That stupid, arrogant burke, deserved to be penned up with a herd of raging bulls.

    We can report the same carnage on our roads as you mention; the loss of young lives is awful. A teacher friend of ours called today, he told us the latest funeral of a 17 year old was a lad was a pupil in one of his classes.

    The lack of gritting and salting of iced-up main roads, to meet 24 hour working needs, is another story. I blogged about the mother of four who died before Xmas travelling to work in time for the 6am shift, on untreated icy roads. As it was dark when she careered off the road, the car and her body were not noticed for at least three and a half hours after the event, when it was becoming light.

    We always stop if we see a car in a strange position or a driver wandering around near a vehicle that is obviously where it isn’t meant to be. I found myself directing traffic for over 30 minutes, at night, on switchback bends Winter 07/08 after we came across a black vehicle half way up a bank nose first. Its electrics had cut out, (a safety feature). The driver was darkly, but too lightly clad with a thin hoodie which he had over his head, and he only had a pin sized key light. I was the only one wearing light clothes who could be seen in our headlights. We stuck our flashing torch on the roof of our car. since then, we have also obtained warning triangles which we permanently carry.

    In these remote areas, people have to hope there will be a helping hand, black spots cut out cell phone transmissions (it did with the above situation)because there are no roadside help facilities like emergency phones.

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