Tonight I received a long blog written in German. the first line or two was in English asking that the blog be translated (presumably by me) for others to understand. My guess is, that plenty of others will have received this text with the same request.

I scanned the text, much of it not at my level of comprehension. However there was enough to suggest to me that this was a piece of writing, (curiously with a detailed comment in German attached) that I would choose not to pass on. It has been binned.

In addition, I had an invitation to joint a friends’ community from another German blogger who seemed to be based in Egypt. At first the link could not take me to the blog site. Another avenue did. This person had 530+ ‘friends’ on the friends list. In the circumstances, I felt that this serial befriender wouldn’t notice one (potential) friend less.


0 thoughts on “LONG AND WINDING ROADS.

  1. I didn’t get those ones, thankfully!

    I got some of those long germans comments on my blog…that’s one of the reasons why i took away the archive and the tags now i have the new design wizard, …btw i notice that various bloggers did the same as I… so, that’s possible as they especially the weirdos/and spammers loved to go to the past posts! Now they let it right there on the front page but i don’t give a damn and i just delete it, i don’t know what’s written there but i’m sure is nothing i care about :))
    As Isa says that about the invitations from strange bloggers also happened to me lately but i just deleted it.

    HA we are becoming masters on the art of blogging eh? :)) Yes, since my innocent times from when i started my blog till now wow i learned a LOT!

    You did well M. and thank you for warn us 🙂

  2. I am finding that I am rejecting invitations more than I accept. It used to be the reverse. I think there has been a sea change with some people’s use of blogs and blog sites. It has made me much more cautious of invitations than I used to be. It could be my caution changing the balance of acceptance but on reflection, I really don’t think so. There are certain elements I have never enjoined with, so, there’s no change there. The change, I think is the way the internet is being used in all its forms by the users.

  3. You’re welcome Kiki.

    I haven’t taken on the new design wizard. I like the layout I have. I am not even sure if some of the ‘interesting’ characters we occasionally hear from work on tags. They have, I am sure, a wide variety of ways and means.

    Yes, we have become more adept and wiser in the use of blog.

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