I’ve just been reading about a leader who ruled by fear. He became justifiably paranoid for his safety, to the extent of changing bedrooms at random during the night. To counter attempts on his life, he organised look-alike doubles to appear in public places and other functions.

Familiar; who is it?


0 thoughts on “DOUBLING UP

  1. You would never want your daughter, or any of your children, to have this type of double life.

    When I read the description of this individual I was struck by the similarities in behaviours and fears that we heard about Saddam Hussein; creating doubles to be sacrificed, if anyone was going to attempt an assassination, so the great ones life could be protected.

    However, this is an ancient historical despotic figure that I was reading about, the first emperor of China, he of ceramic army fame. In the end, he was in all likelihood killed by the ministrations of his medical advisor.

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