It amazes me; we have some of the coldest temperatures for an extended period, as well as some of the mildest (mild temperatures not so extended though), and when we experience the real, real cold, lethal ice conditions, untreated roads, road deaths and so on, very little if anything, is said nationally.

The North of England is having freezing temperatures and we are hearing this ‘news’ as if it has never happened anywhere else except the Arctic! Tonight, it is said, there could be readings, as low as minus eleven degrees centigrade around Shap, hill-walking country in the North of England. For hill walkers in the area this is vital information. I would assume that mountain walkers and climbers in the Scottish regions would be able to obtain the same type of information for their activities. The fact that we, in Scotland experienced temperatures as low as minus fifteen to minus seventeen degrees centigrade recently appears to merit little regard.

Since The weekend, we have had heavy rainfalls and the ground is sodden. If an icy band of weather comes in on top of this, movement underfoot and by road will be highly dangerous. We can only pray that the politicians who have taken on board the indignation of the public about the apparent cost-benefit analysis over gritting to save life, will put pressure on the gritting companies to provide a 24 hour service to help avoid some of the carnage we have seen to date.

Today, I heard there was a good covering of snow on the Route Du Soleil to and from the South of France. Skiers have probably had a great time with good snowfalls in the French Alps this year. Much disruption was caused to people travelling the French auto route, who were connecting to airports, some people arriving for planes three days late!!



  1. Winter training in the Artic one year we had several days of -40C and lower. I don’t mind the cold but that was ridiculous.

    I think most ‘news’ including weather is based on the south east / London as if there is the only place that matters.

    You Scots mus be used to the sub-zero climate but I agree decent road clearance and weather warnings are essential.

  2. Gracious me, what happened to the rest of it…! Submissions were obviously up the proverbial creek last night. I’ll try to reconstruct from memory the essence of what was said.

    …and your training experiences in the Arctic.

    Late last year I went to a presentation given by an ex-serviceman, who I think, now lives in Devon. The presentation was on the selection, formation and training of a team who Skied from the flight drop off point to a research station in the Arctic, camping along the way, then they para-skied on the return journey. The group got to the flight pick up point just in time. The slides were very interesting, however, the presentation would have benefited from a better trained presenter, with less of the muted ‘gung ho’ (ladies were present…grrr).

    The guy presenting was on a new career path learning curve. He was getting himself known on the speakers/training circuit with the Arctic experience of building up teams and team work. Being autodidactic in the area of public speaking and presentations is not ideal, at least it wasn’t for him or us, his audience. We could have got so much more out of the talk if he had been better prepared in the art and techniques of working with audiences.

  3. I often wonder about the relevance of military ‘team building’ experience to civillian life. I suppose it could be fair to say it may depend more on his final rank and the size of ‘his’ team. Was he a General or Sergeant? 😉

    From what you say above did he make an interesting subject boring or was it even worse than that?

  4. There was no indication of his rank, difficult to say if he was commissioned or not when he finished his service.

    The man’s experience of team building and preparation for the task, would have been an awful lot more dynamic if he could have been a little less formal. He did not have the ease that a skilled presenter could have brought to what had the potential to be a highly interesting topic instead of which, it was quite interesting (with a few stifled yawns in sectors).

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