So far, I have managed to host a virus or two, meet people with bugs, sore throats and running colds. It’s no wonder that I can only stay healthy-ish for limited periods. Or maybe, just maybe, I have got so used to being below par that I no longer recognise anything better than that. The rotten little bugs keep deciding they want to pay me a visit; I shall have to work out how to be less welcoming to these forms of lower life.


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0 thoughts on “LOWER LIFE FORMS

  1. I’m afraid the only way to avoid these infections is to isolate yourself from close contact with other members of the human race, especially small children! 😦

  2. I agree with you about small children, teachers have a terrible time getting all the little infections that the kids bring in to school.

    In my case, I managed to isolate myself from small humanoids, but not the more mature homo sapiens. I’ll have to take up the French action of alerting anyone who wants to greet me close up, that there is ‘maladie’, or plural, coming to think how bugs operate and multiply.

    Happy New Year to you Munzly!

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