Trying to sort out a new DVD reader and re-writable drive, we discovered that I didn’t have the software to work with it. At the moment I don’t know if the drive will rip. :no:

Go for well known tried and tested read and rip programme, I thought. I accidentally clicked twice on the trial download. I deleted one of the requests. All seemed well, though it was taking an awful long time.

I made our evening meal, enjoyed a cuppa, finished off some letters and the download went on. Meantime, security updates jumped on the bandwagon. Don’t they just slow everything down to a snail’s pace. The download continued.

Sometime later, it was clear that I was getting a double (huge) freebie download. I deleted it. Then it was fun and games to get started again because the download was still listed somewhere. :**:

As I blog, the single download is winging its way onto my system. It’s almost at the halfway mark. What a performance. Let’s hope after all the effort, the application works!


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