My PC doesn’t know how close it has been to going through the window. I have just managed to refrain.

The download I wanted to try, took from here eternity to show up and it wasn’t just low RAM that did it. Even with the new RAM I have ordered, (not got yet) the download speed wouldn’t have been sparkling; say half a day less! I reckon the trial application was packed with too much hungry and heavy programming, with masses of features I would never need to use in my lifetime. Why has everything got to be developed to be ‘bigger and better’. It rarely is.

Then there is the issue of the true speeds of broadband connections. Upgrading by another 2Mbits is not going to give me the total I apply and pay for. Asking a relative today, who has got the extra Mbits, it is clear he hasn’t seen any benefit in any direction.

Last, getting the blasted application removed from my system was a nightmare. It seemed to want as long to disappear as it took to arrive. It probably installed some nasties in my registry and certainly did not leave me with an uninstall option. I did everything manual that I could safely think of doing. I am not even sure now, whether I have managed to remove all the trails. :**:



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