The severe weather warnings given for this area for late afternoon and night were dead right! As we sat eating our evening meal, discussing whether it was a gale or a storm force developing outside, the growling of the wind became steadily louder, it was a very threatening sound. The roof creaked as it lifted.

Driving the twenty or so miles to our venue was dicey as there were raging storm gusts punching their way across the exposed countryside. The car wobbled a few times, the rear of it wavered in all directions; careful constant steering was the order of the night.

The evening gathering we were at was affected with power cuts. Curiously, the fridge lights worked. An enquiry elicited that the function room was connected to a generator, though, not so you would have noticed in any other respect. The management placed lit candles on the tables. The decibels of the band were quieted and we could talk without straining or trying to find a quiet spot elsewhere.

Blast! The sound system got linked up to some power and other than prancing around the dance floor – if the pace of the sound was suitable – any other interactive sociability died. The sound levels were unnecessary on many fronts, in particular with this band, because they were good. They did not have to hide any weaknesses behind distortion of sound, they could play their instruments well and the singers had lovely voices. In another enforced quiet moment, I mentioned my thoughts to a player. He reckoned the decibels could not be reduced, the equipment was set for a larger hall. Believe that if you will.

The high noise levels of the band certainly competed with the sounds of the storm, they drowned it out. But for the power cuts and candles, you would not have known there was a storm raging over our heads.

Driving home, my turn this time, the stormy gusts were less frequent. Nevertheless, you felt them when they came.


0 thoughts on “BELIEVE THAT IF YOU WILL!

  1. Goodness, a great deal of the East cost was affected then.

    Certainly, the weather forecast came up with the warning sign that is used these days with the fat exclamation mark as the finishing flourish, with the voice over addition specifying what areas were likely to be worst hit. It was accurate for this area.

    Everything alright with you Munzly?

  2. We have noticed that our use of fuel has increased – like you,counting the cost will not be much fun. Needs and priorities are a must.

    The roof, thanks, so far so good. Long may it stay that way. 🙂

  3. I absolutely hate that so many of these ‘do,s’ have to be so damned loud. I like to go out, I like to have entertainment when I am out, but I also like to have a conversation with the people I am with. I hate being deafened.

  4. I don’t know how the high decibel band came about as the norm – but I can tell you, that if I had a ‘do’, unless there were guarantees of agreed and suitable levels of amplification being maintained throughout, I would not use a band that felt they had to perform with such appalling decibels. I was concerned for the aural senses of the kids, some quite young and all under 10 years old, who were in the room.


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