There is a scammer about who uses the name Abrama, it may be one of many names. This individual is using the friends list to contact people. Guess what he wants. Somewhere to spread out and store lots and lots of money.

The bin is the best place for this.


0 thoughts on “ALERT! SCAMMER ABOUT

  1. OH, thank you for warn about this M.
    Seems we are again being target of spammers and now sacmmers too!
    Yes, we must be really allert!
    I got three these last 2 days! no, not invitations to the friends list but as comments and e-mail too!

    They try everything because there are always who believes them!
    Thnk you again M.

  2. Your name isn’t Obama – that’s probably what the blighters have linked into, scanned for the name and then blasted anyone who has vague ties with it.

    Thank your lucky stars your name is Skip!

  3. It is a pain in the butt getting this rubbish through but it is necessary to warn people that the scam is doing the rounds. I wonder what name will be used next and for what link.

  4. Thanks for that.

    From research into an article I did some time ago for one of the dailies (not as any kind of expert but from the perspective of a father raging against crooks who cheated his daughter) I now usually forward all suspect emails to my ISP’s fraud unit.

    Having discussed this with a few banks and police forces this apparently is the easiest and most effective way of reducing spam, phishing scams etc. They are always interested in any suspect scam even if it later proves to be from a genuine source.

  5. Absolutely right.

    I reported this private messaging to support unit last night and they replied this morning saying they have removed the name from blog uk site.

    Other issues like phishing, always, without fail, get sent on to the banks’ specialist units for examination. I haven’t yet sent anything to the ISP. ISP’s have not been noted for their ability to effectively filter or stop spam. I have a reasonably good spam filter so I don’t see much of anything else, thank goodness.

    I was delighted to see that one spam service which had been in action for far too long in the U.S., was finally closed down. Overnight there was a massive reduction in spam output. As was said, though, it wouldn’t take long for another outlet to open elsewhere, in a place more tolerant and wanting the business.

  6. OOOPS M. Sorry be lo-out, my pizza is ready but i wanted to reply you first, and mistakly i my PW not working 🙄 seems i need a new one :-/

    It is really a pain in the butt! As those e-mails about BCUK missing me being a bug..thanks to Rampie now we know it..i´m glad i posted about it, as turned out that it is a bug/spam! Now others are aware of it..and yes i´l write to the support for sure with the details.
    Yes we must always, it´s my opinion only yes, post about these things so others be aware of it, about what´s going on.

    You did very well M.
    Well at least now we are allerted :yes:

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