“You want an emergency dental appointment?” the voice repeating what I had just asked at 08.50 today.

“We have to save those”, she said.
“For whom or what?” I asked.
“They’re saved for NHS 24 patients. ❓ We haven’t got today’s slots yet.”
“Where are you just now?” She asked me.
“I’m at home”
“Oh, then you can’t take the 9am we’ve just had cancelled.”
” I could get to you just after half past nine, barring hold-ups” (me being hopeful)
“No, that won’t do. There’s nothing else available today. I can give you 11am tomorrow” (27th January 09).
” Yes, fill the slot with me so I don’t lose it, then I’ve got something to ask you.”
The slot being safely filled, (all the receptionists have access to the same schedules)I got back to my topic.

“Do you think” I asked, “I should now phone NHS 24 and ask for an emergency slot?”

“No, you shouldn’t do that because the emergency slots are saved for people who may not be registered with a dentist. Besides, there’s no guarantee you’d get an emergency appointment”. :**:

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0 thoughts on “EMERGENCY

  1. I sympathise. NHS Direct (and similar institutions) seem to be staffed by people with little or no common sense or sense of urgency, and especially designed to fend off us annoying patients (or should that be clients?) What’s the point in having a script and not sticking to it? (to paraphrase the chap in Nuts in May).

    I had the same frustration trying to get an out of hours doctor for Mr W when he had a TIA a few years ago, and gave up in despair.

    In future, I shall either ring 999*, or take my crumbling teeth to the local hospital, where they have a dentist in residence. Or I may take an offensive weapon to the telephone – haven’t decided yet! I can see why people take shotguns to bureaucratic public services, can’t you?

    * Lest anyone accuse me of wasting valuable time, my own GP suggested that, since by the time Mr W was eventually seen the next day, it was too late to run any diagnostic tests as should have happened.

  2. We don’t have a dentist in residence at our nearest hospital (20 miles away). The dental facilities are supposed to be being upgraded for O.P.outreach appointments. I will blog another time about my other dental emergency at a weekend.

    Like you, I will call 999 out of preference to other ooh medical services or drag myself to the A & E 20 miles away, if I can. Past experiences have also come into play with my decision on that score.

    Really, the services we have are a mish-mash at times. On the other hand, we do have some kind of service, which is more than some societies have. I wonder which way to swither.

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