Appenzeller Land is a really lovely part of Switzerland. Though I walked bits of it one Christmas-New Year period, it is the kind of area that attracts lots of walkers in the pleasant warmth of the summer months. Last year was no different except in one very unexpected respect. The attractions of the region encouraged lots of ramblers. Amongst them were out of the ordinary outdoor enthusiasts. They were naked ramblers.

This did cause much consternation, but because there were no legal sanctions with which to constrain naked rambling in Appenzeller, there were unstoppable, discontented local ramblings about it.

In order that naked rambling does not continue unabated this year, (2009) legislation has been instituted in the Swiss region to discourage the practice and naked ramblers will find out they are not free to wander as before, that their naturalistic habits will be most unwelcome.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to employ the Scottish Midgie? Think what that could do for the entente cordiale. :yes:



  1. You’re spot on: There are roads with all sorts of greenery either side. The ramblers probably keep to the roads as they do seem to defer to the requirement to wear socks and walking boots. The feet are obviously not given the same exposure to nature privilege as the rest of the body.

    Backs are covered with rucksacks for personal refreshments, treats and sun cream, probably for fundamental protection from U.V from the sun.

  2. While I support the right of nudists to do their thing in the appropriate places, I think there is a time and place. Frankly, I would be embarrassed to be faced with a full frontal when I’m walking my dogs.

  3. I think the sensibilities you describe are behind the curbing of nude walking. Whatever one thinks of the human body, there is no guarantee that what anyone sees is what it appears to be, if you take my meaning. It could indeed be a disturbing and unexpected event.

    The naked rambler who kept falling foul of Scottish law certainly knew what the limitations of his activities should have been. He was so insistent on his right to appear naked in court, the Sheriff and co. heard his case in the cells. I’m not sure how the prison authorities dealt with his wishes.

    In Switzerland (Appenzeller) a system of fines has been instituted to cope with the matter. It remains to be seen if that will deal with the naked ramblings.

  4. My thoughts exactly! I am very appreciative f the human form in all it’s incarnations, but, as I say, I don’t fancy meeting it in the woods :))

    I didn’t know that about The Naked Rambler. I heard he was local, and then he seemed to disappear. Mind you, I didn’t go looking for him.

  5. :))

    The Naked Rambler who caused a stir in Scotland was/is an Englishman who does not live in this region or yours, as far as I know. I believe he still homes in on England.

    Glad to hear you didn’t go looking for him, you’d have had an awful long walk. He was incarcerated in Porterfield Jail, (Inverness) from Dornoch Court, to the best of my recollections.

  6. Midgies, without a doubt. There’s not much that really deals with the bite of the midge and the midge, as far as I know. Plenty of antidote remedies, after the event.

  7. We tried it… the jury is out I’m afraid.

    The vigorous rumour around these parts was, that we had burly farmers and farm hands all sloshing Avon SSS, (smelling beautiful, perhaps)to put off the mighty midgie. It was a great sales line and so, we bought some to try it. Personally, I wouldn’t push it, though I might mention it has been anecdotally said to work for…etc.

  8. That was our position till we bought some Avon SSS. Nice stuff, but nothing exceptional. I think your body chemicals, skin type etc., must all have to come into the efficiency equation. We weren’t excited about its level of efficacy.

  9. I recall seeing this in the news, accompanied by a picture of the aforementioned ramblers (rear view), and I am glad I won’t have a chance to run into one there. Nude rambling in public places just seems a bit excessive.

  10. Unless you are wanting to live in the nude with a colony of apes or monkeys, what is the real purpose of naked rambling in very public places?

    Sure, a restricted zone does get boring to constantly repeat a walk, the only way to stretch the boundaries is to push them. I think these activities were more about pushing boundaries than just a desire to enjoy wanderings in ones natural skin. However, other problems can and will arise, not all will emanate from the reactions of other people to naked ramblers. Offence to others will no doubt occur, but who is to say, the activity will not give permission to very unsavoury behaviours occurring.

    One other thought crosses my mind; the naked ramblers’ groups will know that they are considered unacceptable because of how they ramble the country. That in itself could constitute indecent behaviour as it is intended to challenge and therefore is premeditated.

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