I’ve just learnt that for three weeks I have been using the new blog. Amazing. The only difference I have noticed is that blog DE’s address is on all my notified replies, other than that… So, what is different?



0 thoughts on “NEW BLOG – SO, WHAT’S DIFFERENT?

  1. The only change I have noticed, is that uploading of comments can be tediously slow, more likely than not. It is particularly noticeable with people who have very fussy blog sites, masses of high coloured graphics, also those with lots of flashing bits and pieces, clocks, visitor counters and anything else that is likely to download spyware onto people’s computer systems.

    Certainly the Xmas/New Year period and early January, blog was unreliable and some of my comments just disappeared into nowhere, as did a blog or two. I went back to backing up everything with a C & P to save myself aggro and grrrrrrief.

    I am hoping all that nonsense has started to settle now, though fussy blog sites are still problematic.

    I am puzzled about the show all comments – I must try out mine. The blogger from BCUK who replied today on your site will now know you have a problem, if she was able to read your back comments and your blog!

  2. Clicked on this blog which was downright daft. At present the total sum of comments are yours and mine and I can see those. :**:

    Ah, the preview of comment is different and I am not sure if my emoticon is going to show up correctly. We can but try.

  3. It has posted to you the way I wanted it to, but there was no way in preview that I could see if the emoticon was correct. In the old blog, the preview showed if you had got the sign language right!

    That’s a difference. We’re doing well here tonight Tylluan.

  4. May I make some suggestions Tylluan.

    First, if you have one, run a spyware programme. It is surprising how much spyware can slow down the workings of a computer. If any shows up that’s particularly unfriendly, (some bits of spyware are considered safe, certain cookies) delete.

    Second, if you don’t have a spyware programme, there are a some good free ones available. I use two. My favourite is Spybot, there is also Ad-aware. The latter though free does have a paid for service and are working hard at getting users to fork out, I have nothing against that, but there are ways of doing it. I send the odd donation to Spybot; they don’t interfere with the way you use their service. Neither programme is difficult to use, you just learn your way around them.

    Some other spyware programmes do clash/conflict with your software and other computer use; check this is not happening, especially if you are using Norton.

    I am sure you do it anyway, but run the occasional virus check over and above what is running when using the computer.

    If you don’t have broadband, your speeds will be low, they can be with broadband too, but noticeably not a snail’s pace. You rarely get the bandwidth speeds especially, that which is advertised. (It’s a lot better than not having it at all).

  5. I needed to look at previous comments. The design of that has changed. Instead of ‘see all comments’ (it has been removed from the design) I clicked on the word ‘comments’ under the blog itself. There’s a number of comments next to it, so we can see how many replies we have received, like before. The difference is, it would appear, this information spot has doubled up to being the entry to seeing all previous comments.

  6. Believe it or not Tylluan, I got a pile of Russian that led me back to this post…I shall now delete the comment, not that I have any understanding of it. I shall assume it’s spam.

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