A crie de coeur from hubby to help him sort out a download problem on his laptop got me thinking I should do some updating. Once his was done, I started on mine. What a pain in the butt, what a frustrating couple of hours. Now it’s bedtime and I am back to square one, I have reloaded what I originally set out to update.

I use two spyware programmes, both up till now freeware. They work slightly differently, and what one doesn’t pick up, the other does. It’s belt and braces. One facility works faster. This provider has started masking updates with an insistent upgrade pop up that covers the update facility. When you click on it to get rid of it, it thanks you for ‘buying’. Till this evening you weren’t given the choice of ‘try later’. In an attempt to restore calm to my computer activity, I had to delete in order to update, oh guess…… the update was deviously the unwanted “Thank you for your purchase” version. I went in ever decreasing circles. Grrrrrrrrr. :>>

The light at end of the tunnel is, that the other provider, whose programme works well, doesn’t pester. I do give them the occasional donation; you click on a donation button to do that,(no donations button with the other programme).


0 thoughts on “PESTERING SPYWARE

  1. I can’t blame providers of free anti-virus and anti-spy ware from flying a little commercial kite from time to time. I know the one you mean and I too have been caught with the buying pop up.

  2. You’re right Munzly – I shall pass it on to Blog to deal with and mark it as spam in my system. As you say a bl**dy comment spammer.

    I have been pestered to buy watches several times. I guess not everyone is taking the action I am about to. I too, have been at fault, partly because of ignorance on what Blog can, does and doesn’t do. I had an excellent response to a scammer I passed over to their admin, not so long ago.

    H’ya doin?

  3. Flying commercial kites I go with, blocking tactics I don’t. I see no reason why the company cannot be more straightforward without annoying their user base.

    My long used, tried and trusted AV ware used to be a freebie. When the company decided to go ‘sales only’ it said so. Users were advised by when they could no longer use the freeware. I bought into it. As a long and valued customer, I still get a preferential price, even if it has gone up in cost. It is a darn good AV and doesn’t kit you up with things you don’t want or need, nor does it conflict with any other software I have.

    I shall, out of ire this time, send an extra donation to my other anti-spyware production team. They can gain from the other people’s poor user marketing.

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