Another media mouth has aired off. Our current BBC British representative abroad, Jeremy Clarkson, has had the temerity to demonstrate the worst side our media’s juvenile insensitivity. Responding at his level would be sinking low. It was obvious that the assembled audience, mostly press I would guess, knew how easily Clarkson could be invited to act improperly.

Various national organisations representing people with disabilities have made their distaste for Clarkson’s poor judgement and appalling verbalisations, very clear. I do not have to add to it, they say it best. This man seems to have rather a lot of media lives. His massive ego needs a reduction and soon.


0 thoughts on “MEDIA LOUD MOUTH

  1. We can vote aginst Clarkson any time we like: just use the switch and watch another programme.

    How I wish we been given the chance to vote to decide if the idiot Brown was to be the Prime Minister of our country or not.

  2. Why do you choose to go the level of xenophobic derision?

    I do use the off switch on radio and TV (don’t watch much of the latter and NEVER Clarkson). This offensive incident was beyond that. I am glad the representative groups of people with disabilities and some Scots made their point.

  3. And I am a Scot from Nairn, who after many travels has ended up living in London. A bit like Brown. Who is an idiot.

    Its interesting how easy it is to make chippy assumptions that someone is being xenophobic when if don’t know enough about them.

  4. Nor would I.

    I happen to think that what Clarkson said was directed at Brown and in a clear context at no-one else. A lot of the people who are pretendng to be hurt by it on behalf of others are either hurt because they are unbthinking tribal ‘believers’ in Labour, in denial that Brown is such an idiot, or are pretending to be hurt because they are peddling a PC or Nationalist agenda of their own. They did not know or care about the comments until they were told to know and care about them. In Australia, where the comments were made in the course of an amusing comment about the economy and thier Prime Minister, I think people have a much more sensible approach to the use of language and the art of invective.

  5. I have told you I am not a Scot, but I do live in Scotland . Of course you have openly denigrated Scotland. Your justifications are full of holes and the ones that are usually resorted to by people who have no true depth of argument.

    What you say is insensitive (more of the same of the public role models) and we should be more aware of how we hurt people and cause distress. From what you say, those basic human tenets do not matter.

  6. I do not denigrate the heritage of the land of my birth. I am however entitled to discuss and criticise the country as much as I am entitled to praise it.

    A lot of what is claimed as ‘heritage’, in the Scottish context is mind-numbing nonsense harking back to a medieval age, recreated through the Victorian eyes of a German Royal family, packaged onto the biscuit tins of a long-dead Empire and sold back to tourists in the name of the Scots by people who are comfortable running a museum industry in substitution for a modern economy.

    Saying that kind of thing is, I appreciate, very hurtful for people who unthingly buy into the whole out-dated package, but what I denigrate – the fakery on which a lot of the fake nationalism has been born – is not the real heritage of the Scotland I admire. And there is a lot about the real history of Scotland and the Scottish people which is tremendously interesting and well worth admiring.

    As for your comment about what others resort to in argument – well, you must be lucky to be so good at arguing and know so many people who are perfect in their intellectual lives. I find most people are not perfect, and being human beings, they do indeed fail to articulate themselves as well as they would like – they even contradict themselves from one time to another. Its to do with being human. Exploring these imperfections, which might be an aspect of the ‘basic human tenets’ you refer to, is sort of what makes life interesting for me.

    Anyway, thank you for trying to uphold Scottish sensibilities, even if they are probably a bit more robust than you may realise.

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