We haven’t had the ‘newsworthy’ snowy weather that other parts of the UK have experienced, yet. I wonder if we will. Even if we did it wouldn’t make anything but the local papers, that’s all it ever does. Really this winter, apart from the icy extended period of it, is noteworthy for us, because of its lack of snowfall.

We’ve had lots of treacherous ice and in the early part of our long winter, before the salt and gritting crisis elsewhere, people died here, trying to get to work on untreated roads that could have and should have been treated. Meanwhile, tonight, it is wet and the wet is threatening to form into ice. I also hear the wind increasing in the distance.

Today I was advised in the kindest but strongest of terms, not to travel twenty miles East, because the roads were treacherous. There was nothing near home that would have caused that worry. That sort of advice you heed.


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