This is today. We started out for a walk in bright sun, everything pristine and sparkling. Five minutes in, the sky formed a smokey-grey umbrella. Large white feathery flakes softly tumbled down and settled everywhere. Hubby gave me his hat which only stayed in place because I wore a chunky clip in my hair. He used his hood, the one folded away in his coat collar. My camera had to be tucked into my coat to protect it from the flakes melting on it. My torso was an unusual shape as a result of which, I received some odd looks, I can tell you.

In a riverside garden there were seasonal snowdrops in abundance. it is such a delightful flower. It is one I do not often see actually sitting in snow.


There was no sound to be heard in the small public garden in an old area of the town. The only footprints in the garden, imprinted in white, were mine. Everything looks so different wearing a clean white coat


Dear me…….there is definitely a sheepish blog meet going on here. The art of diplomacy won’t let me impart what I might have overheard.


The afternoon moon in all its glory slid across the bright blue sky, alerting us of the nightfall yet to come.



0 thoughts on “A SHEEPISH BLOG MEET

  1. Hello Mr F,

    How nice to hear from you, and thank you for calling in.

    Yes, it is wintry and we will have to keep wrapped up. It has been a long winter for us, this snow is at least pretty to look at.

  2. At present I am delighted with the brightness and the glow. We’ve had overcast dark/grey skies for so long, it makes me feel so much better to see sparkling light.

  3. You’re welcome, I always read all my friends posts even if I don’t comment on them!
    I had hoped to spend a few hours working on the allotment most weeks through the winter but it’s been either too cold or wet!
    Roll on spring and hopefully some better weather. xx

  4. There’s never quite a right situation for the allotment is there. If you have clay soil, then it would be far too heavy to do much with, even if it were possible.

    Perhaps the patterns of weather in the Spring will be more the norm and you’ll be able to get your fork and spade to work.

  5. Hi Ellie,

    It is a rare sight these days, to see the flowers in snow. They are also out a little earlier than usual here in the far north. It suggests there has been ‘a mildness’ at some point.

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