Whole human communities are being destroyed in the raging fires in Victoria, Australia. The destruction invoked by extremes of weather and it would seem, the reckless, murderous hand of man, have meted out terror to all kinds of life in the region.

At the last count, 170 people were said to have died, It is likely these figures are of people actually known to have died. The final toll could be very much higher.

Today I heard an appeal being made on behalf of the people who remain to pick up their shattered lives. What struck me about this appeal was how tentatively it was voiced. It sounded to me, at any rate, like the speaker was saying that he understood there were many calls on goodwill at this time and he didn’t want to add to the burden. I found it refreshing. The Red Cross are handling any donations on behalf of the disaster victims. There were no heart rending stories just the facts, as far as they are known, as to what has been and is happening.



  1. I haven’t heard that particular news Skip – awful.

    I’ve heard about some people who wanted to save two people in a car but the doors were too hot to open. Also that hotels would not open their doors to take in elderly and children. That same guy said he drained his car of water to douse someone who was on fire.

    Incredible attempts at bravery, people looking for loved ones, others steeling themselves to make a new life for themselves once they are able to pick up the pieces. In the current fiery climate, that could be a while coming.

  2. One thing that struck me was how mature and capable the Aussie prime minister sounded.

    Do you think he fancies tackling the UK for a term or two? Much better bet than the what is on offer here.

  3. We don’t want major bush fires plus a global financial crisis to deal with. The Aussie prime minister has both those items on his agenda. Australia is not unaffected by the parlous financial state of the banking world.

    The current focus for Australians is this pyre they are having to deal with plus drought, plus, plus.

    Memories are short; when GB first took on the mantle of PM he broke into his UK family holiday, returned to London to be on hand for a natural disaster that occurred and he was congratulated for his leadership and mature approach to it.

  4. I hope they find the arsonist and throw the book at him/her. I have friends in Aus who have family in those regions. A couple of days ago, we heard that they were preparing to evacuate, but I’ve heard nothing since. I hope they are okay.

  5. We were having a similar discussion about people known to us in the same region.

    If there have been arsonists at work, they have to be stopped. It is clear that some fire scenes are being treated as crime scenes (until otherwise proved). I really would like to believe that there’s been a mistake about this but…….

  6. I’m sure it was, as it was from you. However, there are so many individuals who make uneducated statements on blogs, I feel it necessary on occasion to remind some of them, (not you, believe me)that there are other shades in the picture that they’ve been blinkered about or have no knowledge of.

    With you, I feel I able to have an educated discussion, even learn a new perspective. We cannot always agree, but then it would be uninteresting if we always did.

  7. There is actually a mental illness where people love to set fires and watch them burn. A bit like a kleptomaniac can’t help stealing, these people can’t help setting fires. Sometimes those fires get out of control. I wish I could remember the name – not arsonist. Arsonists tend to be folk who are setting the fire for profit rather than for the jollies.

  8. Pyromaniac is the term, I believe, for which you are searching.

    Arsonist do not always set fires for profit, they too can be ill. It is a complex subject.

    There are particular individuals who might benefit from a ‘pyrotechnic accident’ and they are in a yet another league.

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