It seemed to have its head stuck in a red bucket. I watched for a bit and just as my concerns were rising, its head rose. Buckets in the fields are not a familiar sight in any colour. Troughs, yes, buckets, no.

As we all know, it is a real winter this year and ours has been a very long one. at 08.30 today, the temperatures had risen to -5 degrees Celsius. As I write this, at 12.30pm, it is steadily snowing. So why did this head seem to be spending so much time in a bucket? It certainly wasn’t sheltering. The head, which belongs to a very large ewe with a really thick coat on, was hogging the dried mineral pellets made available by the farmer. Lambing is in full swing. The expectant ewes as well as the new mums, need the extra nourishment that is being provided.


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