There was a splendid snowman this morning in a field situated near the end of our hill. It was very tall, had some kind of a hat on its head, (I’m not sure if it was an actual hat) and a pair of twiggy branches for arms.

I watched a woman out in the deep snow with her dog; it playing around the snowman. Dog, of course, made its mark. The woman took one of the snowman’s twig arms to throw ‘catch’ for the dog. She saw me and attempted to call the dog to return with the ‘arm’; the dog would not, so owner went chasing after the dog! What a sight.

I think the snowman must have been constructed yesterday, as there were not any snow breaches where it would have been scooped up. There was a lot of snowfall overnight that would have covered up those signs. I determined to go back early afternoon to get some pictures of this fabulous snowman.

Imagine my disappointment when I returned to find no sign of the snowman. I scoured the field then saw that the snowman had been smashed into smithereens. It was not warm enough for the whole thing to have melted. There were lumps and balls and other clear evidence of where the snow sculpt had been.


0 thoughts on “SMASHED!

  1. I don’t think it was the dog who destroyed the snowman, it was a real huge sculpt. Dog and owner had disappeared with owner chasing after dog.

    Parents were taking their little ones in their push chairs to see the ‘sight’, long after dog had disappeared. Anyone under the age of 3yrs would not have seen any real snow here and anyone older would not have been able to make such a big and tall snowman for many more years than that.

  2. Seemingly a typical behavioural act these crazy days. Like lighting the terrible fires and mass murdering hundreds of children and parents in Australia.

    We are wondering what the outcome will be if any of the idiots are caught and convicted for mass murder by way of arson. More than the current friendly warning or anything as stupid as home detention. Just imagine watching TV/computers as one wishes with not a worry in the world!

    This ‘punishment’ is very common in this part of the world for what used to be considered serious crime.

  3. I take your point about the fires in Australia. There is no doubt the authorities could do with colder weather, some rain or even some of the snow we’ve had on this side of the world.

  4. Now that is a real possibility, I have heard there could be some cross-breeds of Aberdeen Angus with Charolet. The latter is a really big cream-coloured bovine. The bull of the variety stands above 6′ hedges (when you see such an animal).

    Can you imagine what the cross-breed of those two must be like, the Charolet and the Aberdeen Angus, bearing in mind that the Aberdeen Angus is a very shiny-coated large black bovine to start with. 🙂

    We also have the hornéd Highland cattle, but they are much smaller and might just be friendly. The worst behaviour could be skittish.

  5. i find myself somewhat disappointed that the Scottish cattle aren’t all terrifyingly fierce beasts breathing steam through their nostrils and stamping their hooves angrily, particularly inflamed when they see a snowman being hurt.

  6. Ooh, I think I would stick with the Aberdeen Angus and it’s cross-breeding gigantic partner. When The Charolet puffs in cold weather, it is more likely to appear to have steam coming out of its nostrils.

    Someone attempted to restore a snowman to the site of the other one. It is a baby of babies that may not last long.

  7. Agreed! 🙂

    Our climate appears to have changed so much, that there hasn’t been enough of the ‘right snow’ to make snowmen with. For a lot of young people, it is the very first time they will have seen such depth of snow at their front doors. There is no guarantee there will be another blast of snow next year or for the foreseeable future.

    So, yes, I agree with your sentiments.

  8. i’m always a little suspicious that my memory plays tricks on me but…in my childhood, the winters were always colder and frostier while the summers were much hotter and longer.
    you knew where you stood with the seasons back then.

  9. Your memories of seasons fits mine. I Even enjoyed lovely summers in Portsmouth, with the slightly cooling sea breezes that city dwellers didn’t get. I got one or two bad sunburns through lack of understanding of the sheltered spots and fierceness of the sun.

    Autumns were Autumn, Spring was Spring and Winter was definitely as described. Where I live now, we seem to experience two or three seasons, Winter and Spring tend to merge into a Cool-ish Summer which sometimes behaves like Autumn till Winter arrives. It is confusing in many ways.

    2008 was a little different, we had a steady mild Summer period, not hot and summery, but steadily warm with much needed dryness. It was a really nice change after so many years of Summer not really existing. We had a short Autumn and we’ve had a long, long winter. At least though, we know where we are with the times of the year.

  10. i once fell asleep on the beach and awoke looking like a freshly-boiled lobster…i couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights.
    in future we’ll have one long grey, cool, damp season which last for 6 months followed by another almost identical except a fraction less miserable.
    oh happy days.

  11. Oh yes, I recognise your boiled lobster condition. It is soooo painful.

    I wonder if your description of ‘happy days’ will come to fruition. Should we prepare our undies, thermal bedding and create personal umbrella fixtures on our heads?

  12. Heaven forfend! Even we talk about other things, not just weather. Do you not think that blog is a microcosm of the range of topics people nibble at and discuss?

    Mind you, you could say something similar about Facebook type sites and I can’t say that I have quite understood them yet. They seem to specialise in the opaque and twittering. Occasionally, they happen to create a stir.

  13. im my opinion, blog is somewhere were we can air our personal views, also giving and receiving opinion on and from others…sites like Facebook are little more than a form of junk mail, where people send & receive endless meaningless messages/applications etc from people they don’t know and never wish to know.

  14. I honestly concur with your description of Facebook, and similar sites, they are C.R.A.P Some people find little things humorous.

    The one thing about Facebook, I haven’t looked at Beebo (or is that one ‘e’ too many?) I have found people I know who I rarely see and, who are quite happy to have the occasional greeting rather than an exchange of views. A kind of twitter contact I guess. 😉

    I don’t get plagued with senseless mail from FB as I did from Friends Reunited, which actually did nothing much of what it purported to do. FR, of course, is not meant to be a blog site. Its purpose and aims were different. I found FR, somehow, got a bit diffuse.

  15. but why can’t these folk just send the odd email if they only want a keep-in-touch kind of thing?
    why bombard us with daft cartoons and recycled jokes that everyone with an email account has found in their junk box at least a thousand times?
    i don’t think you can get addicted to FR, it’s handy to see what old aquaintances are up to but not much else.

  16. FR wouldn’t make it easy to be addicted to it. The rejoining arrangements (now changed I think) focused the mind as to whether it was worth staying with. It was not clear to me whether people just wanted to have five minutes self-preening then disappear or whether it was for momentary curiosity.

    My reason for using the site was specific but it did not turn out in the way I had hoped.

    One person who was very vaguely connected made contact. It put me in an awkward position because of the flimsy connection we had. I did what I could for all the other parties that were more directly connected with the person concerned. I drew the line though at giving access to my personal information to someone, who, though friendly enough, did not appear to have good reason to delve.

    As for FB I haven’t had the amount of spam you have. I’ve had invitations to juvenile-sounding fora, to which I can happily give a miss. I have severely restricted what appears on my bit of that site. The very few people who I have a connection with there, don’t tend to bother me other than with rare, reasonable contact, thank goodness.

  17. i just got fed-up with the place and deleted my account, i’m perfectly happy sticking with blogland and have always felt at home here right form the start.
    it’s not perfect here, of course, but at least folk do talk to each other and make friends as opposed to simply ‘adding’ somebody to make-up the numbers.

  18. Mostly, I agree with you. But don’t you think that here in blogland there are lots of people making up numbers. I was one such number once. However, the blogger and I talked quite often, so it turned out okay. If there had not been the communication, I would have quietly walked away. He’s gone to more lucrative pastures new now.

    My belief is that we are, as in terrestrial life, self-selecting who we communicate, socialise with and stick with. I would suggest we can do it more efficiently and diplomatically here.

    You have quite a merry band (I wrote ‘bank’ and changed it; that would not have been wrong though)of friends. I don’t know how many of them are long-term, but I would guess you have a solid core.

    I try to keep numbers manageable so I can talk to people, who I hope, in turn, will maintain their contact with me. I don’t think I would blog otherwise. The Interaction of the site is a major factor. What I like is the variation of blog characters and as you say, it makes for friendships.

    There are reasons I keep my account with FB, the best one being that sprog uses it and asks me to to visit the site and see what’s been happening. Of course, as a parent I am delighted to be invited. Some of the kids I have watched grow up are on there too. We don’t communicate much at all, I wouldn’t expect to. Being from such a small, isolated area, it is good and supportive for some of them to know that people from their, or their parents’ social community, in other words, people from home, are interested in them from afar.

    Do you happen to know if it is possible to delete an account from F.R? I have never thought about it, it’s just talking with you that has made me think of it. I am wary of returning to the site as their pestering mail increases. At present I have anything from F.R. marked up as spam and it goes to folder 13! 🙂

  19. yes you can delete your FR account quite easily so an end to all those emails is in sight!
    there are many people in blogland who seem addicted to adding new friends and often have literally hundreds of them!
    for my own part, i periodically delete people who don’t communicate with me or no longer appear active on the site to keep the numbers down but you’re right, there is certainly a strong core of folk who i’d never even consider removing from my friends list.
    of all my friends, i maybe invited only 4 or 5 because i remain a little shy and prefer somebody to invite me…i’ve never been good at making the first move!

  20. Moves… 🙂

    Did you not invite a few when you started out here? I can’t remember who invited who in our case. :))

    These days, I rarely offer invitations and those I receive I ‘vet’. Why not, I say. It is no different to assessing who you may like to know in any other forum.

    Thanks for the info on Ft. I shall pay a final visit, methinks.

  21. I don’t know if this new box will create space, but here goes.

    Regarding friends; I have one or two on the list who are ‘general subjects’, if you like, to whom I very occasionally send a comment. There is one guy whose name I shall keep on the contact list. From what I have heard he may not recover his conscious health and physical well-being. He emerged once for a short time, still unwell, however, we had really good dynamic contact then, but now…… anyway, just in case,for now, I shall wait and see. Such events reflect life in the round and the raw.

  22. 1. Have responded to some blogs, noticed one or two really old friends (originals when I came on the scene) had phenomenal friends numbers, 500+, yet they occasionally speak to me. :no:

    2. Thanks, I visited FR and eventually found the ‘delete’ section. I am no longer officially there. I saw that the site is now free to use. You seem to get every tom,dick or harry who has no connection other than a name of school, college, or something sounding similar in Welsh attached to you. There’s no value in that, just a lot of filtering. It was vaguely looking like a different page design of FB.

    TTFN x

  23. i know exactly what you mean…
    there are a couple on my own list who’ll always remain despite their lengthy absence because i live in hope that they’ll one day return to the fold.
    the worst thing is when they burn their blog and simply disappear forever.

  24. People do disappear and yes, it can be sad.

    Burning ones blog… I tend to keep things separated off that I think may have some future interest for me.

    The one lengthy absence may well be total, sad to say. I have to make some third party enquiries soon; I fear the news may be bad. The intermediate situation was awful.

  25. that’s also something that sometimes bothers me…if anything happened to me, how would my blog friends know?
    i hope your enquiries bring a slightly happier conclusion than you anticipate.

  26. About anticipation, I’ll let you know, when I can gather the strength to obtain the answer.

    Regarding the other thought, how would blog friends be told if anything happened; that’s not at easy one to answer is it. It is very dependent on how an individual privately arranges for information to be accessed and completed, if that’s what they want to do.

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