Now was it worth staying up later last night, to tune into Question Time on TV BBC1?

My answer to my own question is a resounding NO!

Salim Yakoub was the only panel member with a sense of proportion, intelligence and substance. kelvin Mackenzie – The Sun columnist – did his usual right of centre humorous act. There was the odd flash of something from him, I am still trying to assess what. The panel further comprised two shallow panel members representing other political wings in the political spectrum. Really and truly, certain political parties should not let out people to represent them in major public fora before they are able to demonstrate some level of adequacy.

I switched off the T.V. about half way through (that was too long) and went to bed.


0 thoughts on “A RESOUNDING "NO"

  1. I wouldn’t waste my daytime J. It was an appalling programme. I suppose if I wanted to, I could test out the waters at a different time.

    I have watched other more reliably entertaining or sensible programmes on the iPlayer. The Radio 4 version of the programme (the original site for it) is most times, a far higher quality than what I saw. There is also an opportunity to tune into it on Radio 4 on a Saturday afternoon, while I am pottering about doing other things, if I wish to. Multi-tasking is a possibility that exists with listening only. 🙂

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