A white pantechnicon jack-knifed on a small ‘A’ road this morning. It wasn’t going to go anywhere without help and because of it, neither was anyone else going anywhere. The queue of traffic built up. The temperatures were at minus five centigrade. The road was well gritted; notwithstanding that, the vehicle must have slewed on ice on the bend where it came to rest in it’s skewed position. There was a side road fortunately for the pantechnicon, because its long rear settle into it while the engine unit faced the other way.

Like formation dancers, each waiting car in its turn made three or four point turns then sped away in the direction from which it had come. Five miles back there was a road that cut across, eventually, to the only other route East. A young, well cared for cat, eager to cross the road, wavered as I approached…then it jumped out in front of me. Icy roads or not, I reacted instinctively and made an emergency stop. It was a good one.


0 thoughts on “IT WAS A GOOD ONE

  1. That was not actually what I expleted at the time about said cat, but I freely admit, I was glad I had the time and space to avoid hitting it. I would have been gutted.

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