Once in a blue moon I find myself on the statistics page. Since I was last there, it seems there have been some tweaks. Can anyone tell me what the keywords are meant to tell me or anyone else? There are very few words, let alone keywords, that I recognise as anything I might know. Perhaps keywords are meant to do something ❓


0 thoughts on “WHAT ARE KEYWORDS FOR?

  1. When you wrote this post i noticed it as i was having troubles on mine, etc. yet at the tiime.
    That’s why only now comenting it.
    I can’t understand it really M.
    I don’t see its puurpose, why are there and why we have it and sometimes, well usually most even are not related with nothing in our blog!!! Or maybe with only one post!! It is insane!
    Like me realted with that evil one!!! I’m mad with it! i don’t know yours but i know about some that are very nasty and ugly indeed and that can let one down..is that what BCUK wants???? Because mines aren’t so ugly, only those that links me with Hitler, i’m hating it reallt, and i knoiw some are very down because of some keywords linked to their blogs, really nasty ones…it is not fair!
    I really can’t understand this new BCUK fsahion..by now i am, against it but well what can i do isn’t it.
    Hope they realise that some are not blogging or avoidinfg blog as i already diud because some of those keywords, we do not like it!
    Ig Googling we appear why now on our blogs too, if we have the tags and archives thingy??? I don;t understand it/them with this really!

  2. Sorry drop in, as i already let a comment…but if is about “search” why do we have a “search” thing then to have on our blogs???
    No, i don’t understand it at all indeed, there is no reason for this and yes some are so nasty that are letting some bloggers very down, at the point that they stop blogging, really, i know it is true.
    Hugs2you both,

  3. I see, so it is the same process that you or I go through when researching something and find all the priceless bits of information written by bloggers before we get to the real gems that we seek.

    I guess this explanation gives me a clue to three of the logged search words. Others look like .exe files!! ❓

  4. No, neither do I know how .exe files lead to anything to do with my words of wisdom. The terminology is in the keywords phrasing on some of what’s there. Odd. Maybe they belong to others. Who knows? So long as they don’t cause me any bother, like poor Kiki who seems to be linked with an awful historical character, I shall potter along.

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