Am I stating the obvious here, or am I dreaming that the price of fresh food has, in the main, trebled since last Summer (2008) ❓

At this time of year, Winter, I would expect and hope that root vegetables would be a reasonable price, especially in a rural area. Those are foods in season. I have seen tiny, swedes at ridiculous prices, double the cost of last year’s larger ones. Cabbages, are sitting at about £1.10p for lightweight specimens. Some I saw last week were only fit for pig swill. They did not stay on sale for very long. The price story is the same for tomatoes and potatoes. Carrots, though up in price, still look like good value in comparison to the rest.

Cauliflowers are another story. There is a drive to make the purchasing public more interested in the white floret vegetable which has lost ground in popularity to its green cousin, Broccoli. However, with cauliflowers, again tiny ones, at £1.10p and more, also Broccoli at a similar price last week, I thought long and hard. This week, the White bridesmaid and the green bride were evened out in price @ 98p per pound. I still thought long and hard.

These observations, which do include staple foods, do not take account of other provisions bought on a regular basis. My shopping basket, I believe, has never been extravagant. I pride myself on knowing how to prepare food from scratch and I do so. The problem is, the raw ingredients and the fuel used for cooking, are becoming prohibitively priced.


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