Two children, in the U.K. they are children by virtue of age and immaturity, produce a baby. The father is younger than the mother and the mother is two years older than him. They are both minors. Putting to one side the legal issues of under age sexual activity, there are certain other issues that seriously concern me.

First, it is usual in the U.K. for individuals under a certain age to have their identities protected from the media. They are not, as a rule, named or identified by pictures. What is going on here?

Second, I am concerned for the new baby who is enduring a circus of press releases, like a new baby Panda in a zoo. Where is the protection for this vulnerable and helpless little individual?

Third, the maternal grandparents, appear to be complicit in allowing the avalanche of publicity relating to their offspring and in turn their new baby. The young, baby-faced boy, who says he is dad, is pictured kissing baby and hug up to baby, love scenes. The grandparents are noticeable by their total absence.

Fourth, on the front page of one Sunday rag (15th February 2009) there is what can only be described as some kind of manipulation developing
(backlash perhaps from other parties and/or scoop trumping ?) The publicised young father is now said to require DNA tests to prove it is his baby.

It is time there was some intervention to deal with this situation. These minors and a vulnerable helpless baby need to be protected from further manipulation by sophisticated and twisted media games and from any other hidden agendas there might be.

It is time to switch off the limelight.



  1. My guess is that they’ve been paid to appear, probably quite a lot.

    Since they aren’t being criminally investigated there is no legal requirement for privacy. It might look bad but nothing illegal has happened as far as I can see.


  2. Not so sure about that. Sex with a minor under the age of 16 in the UK is illegal. And, I understand, to pour petrol onto the fire, two others have come forward now claiming possibly to be the father of the child, and presumably incriminating themselves royally with their revelations, whether the father or not !

    A right sorry mess.

    But I agree that normally those involved in underage activity such as this would not be named. Someone in the families has tipped the press off.

    We live in times when people will do anything for publicity or money .. and especially both together.


  3. Sure it’s illegal alright, but the police aren’t investigating. That’s normal when both parties are under 16. If one was over and one under, then there would probably be charges.

    I agree about people’s apparent desperation for money and 15 minutes of fame.


  4. I think your supposition is correct as regards money.

    I do not know what investigations are underway, if any, and by whom.

    There is a legal requirement for privacy as regards the baby. Someone has to protect that little soul.

  5. I concur with you Chris. There is money at the root of these manipulations.

    Heaven only knows what is being suggested about the mother of the baby and where that will go.

    In the middle of the horrid gamesmanship is a baby who is helpless, has to rely on the protection and support of the adults around it…….

  6. It is not normal for the police not to investigate, especially with the age differences involved in this particular case. A decision has been made about this case, for now, for reasons we may not be privy to.

  7. You are right. Someone needs to be looking out for the baby and the young parents, not making them in to a circus side show. The media never fails to disgust me. We have the mother with the octuplets here and she herself is exploiting the situation, has an agent and all to make money. Her poor babies.

  8. I have followed the octuplet story to some extent. How much practical assistance from public sources would she get in the USA, with 14 children and eight of them tiny babies? Her way of keeping independent for now and for the foreseeable future is to make money out of the event. I hope some recognition of the needs of her children’s privacy is taken on board somewhere.

  9. While you have a very good point FW, I am not aware of a final police decision. It certainly would not be in the baby’s interests at the present time to have criminally processed parents. For what purpose would you do it?

    I am aware of situations where various community agencies communicate and make decisions on a joint approach; if there are to be court proceedings of any sort, they will come, but at a later date, in camera or in juvenile courts.

    This morning, a newspaper is calling for social work to be visibly involved. Now there’s a turn up for the books!

  10. I have a faint recollection of a ‘police spokesman’ indicating that there was little likelihood of charges being brought against either child although I am probably jumping the gun on this.

    I also have this rosy tinted picture in my mind of serious, educated and sensible people – social workers, lawyers, senior family members and so on – sitting in a room with tea and sticky buns deciding upon the best course of action in a mature and reasoned manner. 🙂

  11. The rosy bit is the sticky buns and tea, the rest may well be reality, but a single legal adviser rather than a plurality of lawyers at this stage.

    Apart from the trophy stage all this distasteful game-playing is at, denials of precociousness (innocence is lost in main terms here)there are two under-age children who have admitted to sexual activity; we know for certain one child has conceived and produced, not without assistance. This game is now on a roll and has to play out. Prolonging it, would suit the media. A certain salaciousness is developing that I personally, do not like.

    There are a multiplicity of issues in this case, but I believe that the welfare and care of the baby is paramount to the authorities and will remain so.

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