It’s the time of year when I go through the cards I have selected from of the greetings received at Christmas and New Year. This time I was left with half a dozen I wanted to follow through in some way. This time I was aware that there were two missing contacts. One might have been because I may not have sent a card, though I cannot be sure of that. The other one…… ?

I am uncertain what to do in both of those cases. One person I have never met, but the person was a link with someone dear to me. The other couple have been part of my life for so many years, it is hard to remember when they were not.

Some of the follow up I mentioned,is for good and simple reasons. So far, I have checked changes of address, written one letter and sent one email to congratulate the success of a student, which I know has been read. I have two letters still to write.


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