“Oh where oh where are my set of keys gone, oh where oh where can they be?…”

My keys are missing. I am using my spare set. I have emptied out my bag twice, gone through all coat and trouser pockets. I checked snow jacket and snow trousers. No, not as inspirational as I had hoped. I have twirled the washing machine drum, walked my fingers round the tub seal, to no avail. Hubby has checked all the shopping bags within shopping bags and so have I.

Last Saturday, I definitely had the keys, I used them and as far I as I was aware, tucked them into their usual place once I was home. I didn’t use the keys on Sunday. From that I can only deduce the set of elusive keys must be somewhere at home, but where……..?

We’ve all mislaid keys at some time haven’t we. :yes:


0 thoughts on “WE’VE ALL DONE IT.

  1. That was lucky, but my sewing box hasn’t been anywhere near my digits, so my keys won’t be there.

    I’m just on the dismal umpteenth turn out of my bag. I wonder if they fell out somewhere, maybe in the one shop I walked to, on Sunday. I’ll have to ask.

  2. I know this soundsstupid but whe I lose keys, I always send up a very specific prayer to St Anthony “please help me find my keys within the next 20 minutes” and it has never once failed me.

  3. I wouldn’t mind losing the sink strainer, I believe I have a spare of one of those, the international variety. The sink strainer never gets more than lifted up to the tap.

    As for house keys, I’ve got those and some spares, but the key I cannot find is nothing so straightforward and could cost an arm and a leg to replace. 😦

    Offer me a happy spell Tylluan.

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