1. I got a scam email from “the bank” this morning, telling me my account had been suspended for my protection and I needed to log on to “update my information”. I had just used my bank card and when I looked at the email address it was clearly fruadulent. My bank calls me when there is an issue. These people are brazen but also fairly stupid.

  2. What you say is interesting. I had the same type of contact as you from PayPal. I sent it to their scams/fraud department. I got an automated receipt for my email then over two and a half weeks later (!!) PayPal advised me the email was a scam…. that’s a long time to wait.

    Then again, PayPal wrote asking me to update details and increase my credit etc. doing similar things advised in your email. It turned out to be genuine. I can tell you, I would not respond to anything written in those terms, and like those you describe. It is downright ridiculous that a financial organisation writes in that way, as it definitely opens up avenues of fraud activity that would look like confirmed, genuine communication.

  3. I used to get paypal scams all the time. Ebay has some as well. I’ve even gotten one from the “IRS” telling me I had unclaimed tax refund money but using a yahoo email address. I reported them to the IRS.

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